Delivery times for a large order were vague and not specific. – What one thing should we be doing better?

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27/06/2011 Add public reply

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    Dear Mr Foster,

    Thank you for taking the trouble to give us your valued feedback.

    I agree with you that we did not communicate the lead time to you with the confidence that we should have done. Our lack of certainty must have caused you problems in planning your project and for this I apologise. In hindsight, I should have overestimated the delay so you could plan appropriately.

    At the time you ordered we were awaiting delivery of a critical part to fulfil your order and our suppliers supplier was unable to guarantee a firm delivery date. We were also experiencing a spike in demand that choked our production facility and made it difficult for us to plan our capacity at the same time as meeting the critical needs of all of our customers.

    We have since taken two steps to mitigate this happening in the future:

    1. We have taken on additional staff to smooth future demand spikes and cover staff holidays over the summer.

    2. We now carry a larger buffer stock of the critical parts that were delaying your order and this will help smooth future demand spikes also.

    I do hope that we have not lost your confidence and would value the opportunity to prove that we do better with your next project.

    Jon Whiten –