You obviously don't read these surveys or do anything about them or you would have acted on the first one you sent to me. – What one thing should we be doing better?

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24/03/2011 Add public reply

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    First of all, thank you for your additional feedback today.

    I am sorry that you feel that we did not act on the survey you completed on the 21st March. I can assure you that your survey form was read and, whilst we felt that your scores were unfair, we do understood your reasons for the rating you gave.

    I have reviewed our policy on this individual matter and am unable to offer at this point in time an alternative solution. In this particular scenario I feel that there is little that we can do to meet your expectations.

    For the future, we are receiving daily updates on the trigger behind this and will reverse our position as soon as we are able to do so.

    Jon Whiten –